Portrait: Dick  BeeryDick is an Electronics Engineer who has enjoyed taking pictures since he was 10 years old. His retirement after 34 years with RBB Systems Inc., which he co-founded, has given him the time to concentrate on photography. As a young child growing up on a farm in Medina County, Dick recalls taking things apart and reshaping them into something different. His life experiences are guided by his motto:

“Never grow up and never stop learning!”

Dick is continually looking to improve his photographic skills. He has attended workshops and gone on photo adventures in San Francisco, Nova Scotia, Florida, Ohio, New York and Africa. The beauty of Ohio and his granddaughter continue as his most photographed subjects.

His photographs utilize his creative talents in displaying distinctive perspectives of the world and the creatures that inhabit it. Sometimes his photographic viewpoint is different, which merely reflects his own life’s journey.

“When I look through the viewfinder, I become part of the scene. Whether it is people, nature, buildings or a quirky abstract, I feel kinship with the subject. We are a vital, fun part of our world and I want to capture that in my photography.”

“We are No Longer Strangers”

Dick lives in Holmes County near Shreve with his wife Sandy. He spends time each month with his daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter in Rochester, New York. He is a graduate of Norwayne High School and The Ohio State University. Besides his interest in photography, he enjoys traveling and is an avid reader.