Andrew Hefter
Andrew Hefter is a twentysomething who began photographing in 2005. He's currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design on scholarship. With a wide range of photographic interests, the idea of a photo about mystery (in the manner of Magritte) remains a core component of Andrew's portrait and conceptual work; the content is meaningless save for its creation.
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Birds as Art by Art Morris
Arthur Morris is a free-lance nature photographer and writer specializing in birds. He is widely recognized as the world’s premier bird photographer and as one of the top nature photography educators of his time. In his books and on his web site and blog his record of sharing his photographic and avian knowledge is un-matched.

Black Boots Inc.
A publication about life in the pursuit of happiness.

Douglas Sterling Photography
Douglas Sterling has been a professional photographer for 24 years in the San Francisco Area, LA, Seattle and Boston. He has photographed for major corporations, architectural, design and engineering firms. His work commercial and fine art images have been published in various national magazines and books throughout his career.
Douglas’s passion is photographing subjects being either inanimate or animate; in relationship to its environmental space and graphic elements. “I thrive on working with people in creating visual narratives of their spaces and designs using light and shadow.”

Elena Carrasco - Photographer
Maria Elena Carrasco completed her B.F.A. degree in Fine Art photography at SanJose State University. She has since exhibited her work throughout Northern California including the San Jose Museum of Art and Museo Casa Taller Jose Clemente Orozco in Mexico. She is the co-founder of Black Boots Ink, an on-line publication about the rituals of life in the pursuit of happiness. As a photographer and educator, Maria Elena has a strong interest in exposing teens to different art mediums and cultivating young artist

Emilio Banuelos - Photographer
Emilio Bañuelos earned his degree from the Missouri School of Journalism in 2000, he has since worked as a photographer and consultant for newspapers in Mexico and Panama and as an editorial photographer for publications in Illinois, Hawaii and California. He is co-founder of Black Boots Ink. Black Boots Ink conducts national and international projects to foster introductions of individual artists and collaborate on the creation of exhibitions and publications about the rituals of life in the pursuit of happiness.

Jim Zuckerman
Jim Zuckerman left his medical studies in 1970 to pursue his love of photography and turn it into a career. He has taught creative photography at many universities and private schools, including UCLA, the Hallmark School of Photography, the Palm Beach Photographic Center, and Kent State University. He also leads many international photo excursion to exotic destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Burma, Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Eastern Europe, Peru and Turkey. Thus far, he has been to 83 countries.

Michael Albany
Michael specializes in Corporate and Portrait photography. He also a fantastic sense for great customer relationships and shares his skills via his blog.

Photography by Kami Miller
Environmental Portraits and Photographic Imaging that meets your needs

PJ Taylor Photography
My passion for photography compels me to shoot everyday, and like an omnivore, to shoot everything ranging from candid portraits of people and kids, the rush of urban life, the colorful world of flowers and insects, the occasional rainbow, and dogs, lots of dogs, my own two Havanese especially.

Ralph Lee Hopkins
Santa Fe, New Mexico-based photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins travels to the world’s wild places with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic. He is founder and director of photography expeditions for the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic alliance.

Rikki Ward Photography
Rikki's relationship with photography was born out of a compulsive desire to "keep" the people and places that came into her life. She was a kid who moved around a lot during her early years, thus coming to expect that she might not ever see a person or place that was part of her life again.
The result is some amazing work by a talented photographer.

Rory Photography
Rory Hejtmanek is a documentary photographer who currently resides in San Francisco, although he grew up with a close-knit, upbeat family in Walnut Creek, California and El Paso, Texas. After his mother Pat died in 2009, Rory realized how important his documentation of her was. Since then, he has looked towards relationships within his family and among strangers for the sincerity that inspires his photographs. Rory is a transgender man, which highlights both the masculine and feminine touch to his images.

An emerging artist, Rosella Tibig photographs her surroundings amidst the urban backdrop of San Francisco

Stephen Shapiro Photography
My interest in photography has come full circle. I had been accepted at Brooks Institute in California after I got out of the Army in 1971, but did attend due to having a family. After 35 years as a manager, CEO and finally Chairman of the Board of a Scrap Processing Company, I retired and finally decided to pursue photography as the business I'd hoped to have so long ago.

The Candid Frame
Ibarionex Perello is a photographer, writer and educator with over twenty of years of experience in the photographic industry. He is the producer and host of The Candid Frame: A Photography Podcast. His articles and photographs have appeared regularly in numerous magazines including Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug and Rangefinder magazines. He is an adjunct professor at the Art Center College of Design and teaches several online photography course through Better He is currently on the board of DIMA (Digital Media Association and he is one of the co-founders of Alas Media, a multi-media production company. He lives in Altadena, California.

Thomas Boyd
Staff photographer at The Oregonian in Portland, Ore.

Tony Sweet
After 20 years as a professional jazz artist, Tony changed careers and directed his creative juices towards nature photography. The improvisational, spontaneous, and abstract nature of jazz are also integral elements of nature photography.

Urban Photography by Brad Evans
Citysnaps is my photo blog. It’s about street photography; a very loose and informal documentary style about people in urban environments; capturing the energy and rhythm of the street.
I’m out shooting a lot. Usually solo, but many times shooting with friends as well.
I’ve met a lot of interesting people over the six or so years I’ve been snapping street pix. All are friendly and have a story to tell. Occasionally, I’ll focus on an individual and share some details of their activities and life. And from time to time share stories of some of my encounters on the street.
Most of my street pix are taken in San Francisco, a great city to shoot in. Outside of NYC, there’s no better place for street pix.

Vasna Photography
Whether she’s documenting the plight of child scavengers in a Cambodian garbage dump, recording upscale weddings in California, or teaching photography classes in San Francisco, Vasna Wilson’s work is all about human connection. ‘You go to places that most people don’t see for themselves,’ she says. ‘You tell the story, explore the human condition, and let people decide. But my hope is always that somewhere along the line, people will see an image that connects to their lives, that makes them feel better about themselves and less alone.’

William Beem Photography
I started photography in the late 70′s as a high school student using an Olympus OM-10. I put it down as personal computers started appearing and my interests changed. My hobby & obsession with technology turned into a career in engineering. I renewed my interest in photography in 2003 on an Alaskan Cruise. I think the moment that changed my direction was on an excursion through Misty Fjords where I only brought the digital camera and kept missing shots of whales who submerged by the time the shutter got around to clicking. What I needed was a blend of my SLR and digital convenience.